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June Special Offer - 21st Birthdays

Save $$ by claiming our June Offer for 21st Birthday Parties - Projector + Screen + Speaker for Only $99!

We have recently taken many bookings for 21st birthday parties in Perth and received some great feedback from customers. 

Why Use a Projector at Your 21st Birthday?

 - Make your party stand out by displaying a slideshow of photos from the first 21 years of your life
 - Make your dance floor one to remember with music videos displayed on a large screen or wall

Do I Need Speakers?

 This will depend on what you are using the screen for? If you are playing music videos you will require an audio system and we can provide a speaker free of charge for those who require it. If you are displaying a slideshow of photos you may not need a speaker although some customers prefer to play some music along with the slideshow. If you are unsure, contact us to discuss your requirements with a specialist today. 

Delivery & Setup

Delivery and setup is available if required. Our delivery pricing is available here although we may be able to provide a package with discounted pricing depending on the agreed delivery date and time. 

Interested? Request a Booking Today

This offer applies to parties in 2016 although the booking must be placed in June 2016 so please request a booking today to secure your equipment as we only have a number of projectors available for each weekend.


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