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Now Available - Speakers for Hire

We have just acquired a new range of high quality Sony Speakers that are available for hire with our projector packages.

Do I Need Speakers?

Our Espon projectors include a small speaker although we suggest that you use a third party audio source for all movies and presentations that require audio. Please note - the third party audio source must be plugged into the system (laptop, iPad, iPhone, set top box, blue ray player etc.) opposed to the projector so you will need to ensure that your system has an AUX (3.5m) audio output or an RCA output (red, yellow and white cables) in order to use the speaker. If you are unsure, please take a photo of the back of your system and email it to us.  

Speaker Hire Perth

Are They Powerful Enough for My Event?

Although the speaker unit is small, it produces a powerful sound with incredible depth thanks to new Bass technology. The benefits include - 

 - Portable
 - Water resistant
 - Up to 24 hours battery life
 - Water resistant
 - Bluetooth connectivity

Do you need some extra punch? You can pair two of our speakers together for double the noise. Just ask us how. 

Speaker Hire Costs?

We typically charge an additional $30+GST / night for hire of the Sony speakers although discounts can apply if you purchase a package from Perth Projector Hire. Contact us today to find out more. 

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